Decadent Dukkah Chicken Kebab Spice Rub

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1c Sesame seed
1/4c Sunflower seed
1/4c Poppy Seed
Zest of 1 Lemon, Large (Still Green Preferably)
1t Cumin Seed
1t Coriander Seed
1t Cinnamon, Ground
1t Turmeric, Ground
1t Paprika, Sweet
1t Sumac
1/2t Ginger, Ground
1/2t Chili Flakes

For the Skewers (Yields 10 Large Skewers):
1kg Chicken Boneless Breast and Thigh Mix, Diced into large squares.
1 Red Sweet Pepper, Large, Seeded and Roughly cut into large squares.
1 Yellow Sweet Pepper, Large, Seeded and Roughly cut into large squares.
10 Small Purple Pearl Onions
1 Large Queen Pineapple, Cut into Large Triangles
1 Packet Brown Portabellini Mushrooms
1c Double Cream Greek Yogi
Bunch of Fresh Coriander
1 Lime
Lemon Slices
Olive Oil
Blend of Black, Pink, White and Green Peppercorns
Himalayan Salt

1. Place all the Dukkah ingredients in a saucepan and dry fry over medium heat until it starts to smell “nutty”. This will not take longer than 5minutes. Season and set aside.
2. Assemble the skewers by lining up the ingredients alternatively, starting with the chicken, then peppers, chicken, onion, chicken, pineapple, all the way until you end off with the last chicken piece per skewer.
3. Brush the skewers lightly with a little bit of Olive oil.
4. Season the skewers with Salt. Ground the peppercorns and sprinkle over the skewers.
5. Now lavishly sprinkle the skewers with Dukkah.
6. Cover and chill for 1hour.
7. Start the fire for the braai (barbeque). Roast the skewers over low heat in an oiled grid until done.
8. Prepare the Yoghurt Lime Dressing by combining the Yogi, Lime Juice, a dash of Olive oil, Salt, Pepper, and finely chopped Coriander.
9. Serve each skewer with Lemon slices and a generous dollop of Lime Yoghurt Dressing. We love to serve flatbread with our skewers, but you can also make a hearty green salad. Enjoy!

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