Home Made Herbal Teas & Infusions

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Homemade Tea Infusions are so easy to make and utterly delicious healthy and nutritious!

Mint Thyme and Eucalyptus Honey Tea Blend:
Thumb size Mint Stem
Twig of Thyme
Slice of Ginger
1t Eucalyptus Honey Raw

Combine the two ingredients, steep and enjoy!

NB: Mint is rich in iron, potassium, manganese, improve haemoglobin levels and keep the brain sharp! Thyme is packed with Vitamin C. Ginger boosts the immune system. Honey is a natural antibiotic and soothes the throat.

Rooibos Camomile Naartjie (Tangerine) Blend:
1t Rooibos Tea
2 Camomile Flowers, Dried (or a Teabaggie)
Naartjie Zest (Tangerine), Fine

Combine the ingredients, steep and enjoy!

NB: Rooibos Tea is an anti-inflammatory agent and fights cancer cells. Camomile calms the body and mind. Naartjie zest contain aromatic oils that treatsacne and irritated skin.

Rosemary and Bugu Honeybush Tea Blend
Add a thumb size Rosemary twig to 1t of Buchu & 1t of Honeybush Tea. Steep for 5 minutes and enjoy.

NB: Rosemary Is a rich source of antioxidants, act as an anti-inflammatory, improve the immune system and improve blood circulation just to name a few. It also boosts memory, help us focus and make us smarter! Honeybush improve various skin conditions and have anticancer properties. Buchu flush the kidneys and protect the gut and urinary tract from infections.

Zoosh!-up-your-coffee-Spice Blends
The Ink Spots from the 1940’s wrote a famous song, “The Java Jive”. I think this best personifies my love affair with Coffee…”Give me a cup of that wonderful mud…!”
The beauty of adding “Flavour Agents” to a “Cuppa-Jo” takes your morning coffee experience to a whole new chapter! Here are some blends just to get the imagination rolling…try making your own versions – this will put the kick back into an ultimate morning coffee episode packed with flavour, yum and decadence!

The absolute BEST coffee, that is the Rolls Royce of Coffee, is Arabica Coffee. These beans are significantly smaller than Robusta Beans. Arabica grow at high altitudes, yield less beans than Robusta Trees but have a Mild Acidity and Chocolate Undertone. They contain less Caffeine than Robusta, have a sweet Toffee, Chocolate and Vanilla Flavour Profile and are Top Quality Beans.

Arabica should be enjoyed in a Light to Medium Roast. This indicates that the bean is of Superior Quality. Dark Roast Coffees are often of a Lower Substandard Grade, and the beans are roasted very dark to “mask” faults in the bean. Try to look for the word “Arabica” and “Light or Medium Roast” on the coffee brand you buy next time – this will prolong the quality of your taste experience (and I believe, add a few years to your life!) Coffee is also packed with Nutrients, is seen as a Superfood, and should be enjoyed once, maximum twice a day for your body to benefit of your coffee intake.
Look for Single Origin Arabica Light to Medium Roasts from Columbia, Guatemala, Brazil, Vieana and Kenya to name a few. Start brewing today Foodthologists!

Cardamom & Orange Blend:
1-2 Cardamom Pods, Snipped at the end to release flavour
1 t Orange Zest, Fine or ¼ t Dried Peel Powder (See Powders)

Instructions (for 250-375ml of Coffee):
Place the ingredients into your Mocha Pot (Bialetti “Machinetta”) or Plunger and enjoy!

NB: The longer coffee comes in contact with water, the higher the caffein content, and, the less aromatic oils are present, the less nutritious coffee is for your body. Coffee should be drunk within minutes!

Rose and Vanilla Blend (for 250-500ml of Coffee):
Ingredients (Add to your coffee grounds):
5 Dried Rose Petals, Crushed
½ A Deseeded Vanilla Pod, Fresh or Dried, Chopped Roughly

Cinnamon, and Mixed Spice Blend (for 250-500ml of Coffee):
Ingredients (Add to your coffee grounds):
½ Cinnamon Scroll
1ml Mixed Spice Blend (Fine Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Cloves)

Dark Chocolate, Cocoa and Red Chili Blend (for 250-500ml of Coffee):
Ingredients (Add to your coffee grounds):
2 Blocks Dark Chocolate
5ml Good Quality Cocoa
Pinch of Chili Flakes

Place the Cinnamon and Chili in the grounds and prepare the coffee. Place the Chocolate in the bottom of a cup. Pour the Hot coffee over the chocolate and allow to melt. Whisk. Prepare foamy milk and pour over the coffee while stirring. Now sprinkle with cocoa powder and enjoy!

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