Introduction to sauces

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Sauce Introduction and Classification:
Sauces can be classified into various categories depending on the Type, Method or Ingredients used in the Sauce. Here is a Basic List of some of the most important Sauces any Foodie needs to add to his repertoire! I am not listing all the Sauces of the World but knowing these sauces certainly will build a good Foundation to the diverse subject of Sauce Making.

*Please see the Master Class Index and Pronto Pesto Blog for Various Sauces and Recipes not listed here.

White & Roux Based Sauces (White, Straw Blond, Brown & Black Roux)

Béchamel, Velouté, Espagnole, Gumbo Cajun Stew
Yellow Sauces (Egg Based)
Egg Custards, Sweet
Green or Oil Sauces (Herb Based)

Herb, Oil or Vinegar Variations (*See Herbs and Spices)

Brown Sauces (Fond Based)
Fond Burn, Espagnole, Meat Glaze Based Variations (*See Master Class Index Fond)
Red Sauces (Tomato Based)
Tomato Based Variations
Temporary Emulsions
Emulsified Hot Egg Sauces (Yellow)
Crème Anglaise, Crème Pâtissier, Sabayon (Sweet Dessert Sauces), Hollandaise Bearnaise (Tarragon + Chervil) Variations
Emulsified Cold Egg Sauces
Mayonnaise Variations
Liaisons (Monter au Beurre, Egg Yolks, Heavy Cream, Animal blood, Lobster Roe)
Hot Heavy Cream Based Variations, Beurre Blanc / Rouge (or Sauce Allemande)
Chunky Sauces
Coulis, Salsa, Chutney, Relish, Atchar, Preserves and Tapenade
Sauce Examples Around the World
Lebanese Toum (Garlic Sauce)
Vietnamese Nuoc mam Cham (Sweet Chili)
Yemenite Zhug (Hot Green Sauce)
Peruvian Aji Verde (Green Sauce)
Jamaican Jerk Sauce
Chermoula (Africa, Morocco, Tunisia)
Asian Hoisin Sauce
Turkish Baba Ghanoush
Italian Romanesco
American Tomato Ketchup
Japanese Teriyaki
Chinese Sweet and Sour Sauce
South African Peach Chutney
South African Monkey Gland Sauce
South African Chakalaka
Chilean Pebre (Spicy Chili Sauce)
Brazilian Molho Apimentado
Georgian Tkemali (Ketchup Chutney)
Korean Gochujang (Chili Soy sauce)
English Shrewsbury Sauce (Red Current Jelly Sauce)
Greek Tzatziki
Turkish Haydari (Yoghurt Mint Olive Oil)
Indian Coriander Chutney
Thai Nam Jim Jaew
French Dijon Mustard
Italian Romanesco (Tomatoes + Garlic + Almonds + Pine Nits + Hazelnuts + Sunflower Oil + Red Peppers)
Chantilly Cream (Whipped Sweetened Vanilla Cream)
Ganache (Chocolate Cream)
Frangipane (Almond Cream)
Italian Buttercream (Italian Meringue + Butter
Swiss Buttercream (Double Boiler Meringue + Butter)
French Buttercream (Like Italian but using Yolks + Butter)
Korean GG Buttercream
American Butter Frosting
Caramel Sauce Variations
Glaze (Frostings or Fruit Based)
*See Herbs and Spices / Flavour Agents / Condiments for more Sauces!

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