White Sauce Examples

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White Sauce Examples and Variations: (White Roux Based: Cooked Flour + Fat)

White Roux: Bechamel (Milk Based)
Sandy Blond Roux: Velouté (Fond Blanc Based)
Brown Roux: Espagnole (Fond Brun Based)
Dark Roux: Cajun Creole Gumbo Stews (Rendered Fat)

Béchamel Based Sauce Examples:
Sauce Crème / Mousseline (Heavy Cream) (Cream, Milk, Yoghurt or White Cheese): Served with Poached Fish or Boiled Vegetables.

Sauce Soubise (Sauteed Onion Puree, Passed through Strainer): Served with Roast Mutton.

Sauce Nantua (Seafood or Crayfish Tails, Shrimp Butter + Cream): Served with  Seafood.

Sauce Mornay (Gruyere Cheese +1 Egg Yolk): Served with Fish and Vegetables.

Sauce Moutarde (Hot English Mustard): Served with Grilled Herrings.

Sauce aux Oignons (Sauteed Chopped Onions):Served with Roast Mutton.

Sauce Persil (1 Tbsp Chopped Parsley): Served with Poached or Boiled Fish & Vegetables.

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