Soup Classification

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Soup Styles: Soup Classification: Hot Soups Include the Following:

  1. Clear Thin Soups: A Highly Aromantic Broth Style Soup, such as a the French ‘Consommé’, clarified by a ‘raft’ made from Ground Chicken Breast and beaten Egg Whites.
  2. Thick Soups (using a Thickening Agent) such as the following below (b-g):
  3. Starch Thickened Soups: For example a Potage (Chunky) or a Puree (Smooth) that are Thickened by Grains or Rice, Potatoes, Beans or Pulses, Vegetables or Pasta.
  4. Bread Thickened Soup: Called a ‘Panada’ (Bread Soup, From the West), for example the famous Tuscan Acquacotta or Pancotta.
  5. Roux-based Creams: Crème, Bechamel or Velouté Based (*See Master Class Index Sauces)
  6. A Shellfish-based Cream (Smooth in Texture): For example, a ‘Bisque’.
  7. A Thick and Chunky Cream Styled Soup: For example, a Chowder.

Here are Five World Soup Examples Classified as Hot Thin Bouillon Styled Soups:

  1. Scotch Broth: Beef Stock, Meat spices, Vegetables, and Pulses.
  2. Minestrone: Italian Beef Broth with Diced vegetables.
  3. Pho Bo: Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup with various Flavourings, served with Fresh Herbs.
  4. Ramen: Japanese Noodle Soup using Meat, Eggs, Vegetables and Dashi stock (fermented kelp Fond). (*See Master Class Index Fond)
  5. Sama Laksa: Malaysian Tamarind Fish Based Hot and Sour Noodle Soup.

A Good Quality Soup should, in a nutshell, resemble the following Characteristics:

Hot Soup should be served piping hot in a pre-warmed bowl.
Cold soups should be served well chilled in a chilled bowl or glass.
Soups should not have any excess or unattractive Fat floating on the surface.
Should be Well Seasoned and Tasty (Balanced in Flavour).
It should have the Correct Thickness (Consistency), Thick, Thin, Chunky or Smooth.
Resemble a Good Colour.
The Main Ingredient should be recognised in the soup.

Due to the vast variety of different Syles of Soup, Classification as seen in our discussion and various Consistencies, Flavourings or Thickening Components used, Soup can be Garnished with any thing from Crispy Bacon Bits to Cheese, Little Quenelles or Dumplings, Freshly Chopped Herbs up to a Slice of Toasted Grilled Cheesy Baguette. Splash a dash of Sour Cream or Crème Fraiche on top and you have yourself an Award Winner! For Italian Style Soups, drizzle Freshly Chopped Herbs and a Dash of Good Quality Olive Oil over the Soup, whereas often for French Cream Based Soups, they are finished off with a Splash of Cream. You can even Showcase the Main Ingredient as a little Garnish on top of your Soup, for example, Finely Diced Mushrooms on a Mushroom based Soup etc.

Soup has always been a multi-diverse subject that can reflect anything from a Hearty Chunky Bistro Night Mood up to the Sophistication of Refined Classic French Cuisine. Be as it may, I will end our Soup Note with the lovely passage from Ecclesiastes, that, in essence says, that Everything is beautiful in its own time…and I guess, that refers to various Styles of Soup too! Aprons on, Soup Pot out, Let’s Cook!

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