About the Chef

by | Nov 25, 2020

About The Chef

My culinary journey began in the winter of 2003 in the Western Cape, South Africa…. At the time, I was an Art Lecturer at a Private High School in Durbanville…. But in my heart, I always knew, just as in the movie “Ratatouille”, that, “Food will come to those who love to cook”… (Chef Auguste Gusteau…)…And so it happened… my Wonderful Heavenly Father had bigger plans for me, ‘plans to prosper me, with a hope and a future’…Isaiah 29:11

Isabella-LaingI enrolled into the Institute of Culinary Arts, or the ICA as it is known, that was situated in Stellenbosch on Spier Wine Farm back then. This course was not for the faint of heart- you had to have Steel Running in your Veins to complete this ‘Culinary Boot Camp’ of French Cooking, Training, Becoming, Being….! One moment I was still Lecturing, the next day I was working on my Master’s Degree Combo of Knife Black-belting & Dishcloth-ing…..and that was how it all started… from the Industry Placements who at first dreaded the very existence of you, A WOMAN, in their kitchens (!), to the day I graduated and started to roll out on the path of all things Decadent and Nice.

Today, 20 years later, I have been so blessed to travel the world for food, keep on investing in the Knowledge of all things “Sweet & Nice, Luxurious or Spiced”….I am also hanging up my hat as Culinary Lecturer for the last six years at a Prestigious Chef’s Campus in Paarl for a brand new Business, Website, Blog & Nutritional Consultancy called “FOODTHOLOGY”.

Thank you for making memories with me as we journey through the site together to assist current Culinary Students, Post Grads, Moms, Dads, Foodies, Sponge Bob and every eager Epicurean to understand the Basics of Good Food, Sharpening Skills or Learning new ones, or, to meet your Nutritional needs through a Custom Designed Meal Plan that suits both your pocket and family needs!

Contact us at chef@foodthology.com to help you and your family make better informative food choices that suits your every day needs, sign up for our Newsletter, or become a Member of FOODTHOLOGY to receive extra content and culinary help.

Sincere Blessings on your Spice Route and may Many Many Chocolate Truffles Await You!

 Your Culinary Nutritional Consultant

Chef IsabellA Laing
“Memoirs of a Chef”

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