Fond – Foundation!

by | Dec 12, 2020 | Dashi, Fond | 0 comments

“Fond” is the French Term for ‘Stock” and it means “Foundation”. This makes complete sense, as Stocks are the Foundation to the ‘Flavour Mansion” you are about to create from which you can make sauces, soups, “Jus”, Glazes and Reductions, use it as a Poaching Liquid, Quick Broth or an option to boil/cook items in… this is where it all Start ladies and gents….we are lying down the Foundation to the ‘Flavour Castle’ through using Stock….if your foundation is weak, your home might crack, walls could come down on you and you will see the “mistakes” evidently revealing itself all throughout your ‘home’…cheap ingredients in, cheap and nasty end result “out”…that is the Golden Rule. We can achieve “Flavour” by “building” with Fonds, in its various colours, flavour profiles and varieties when we cook, bake or prepare ingredients. Here are some classic French 101 Fond Basics. Make this when you are not in a rush!

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