Herb & Spiced Oils and Vinegars

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Epicureans, Herby Spiced Oils and Vinegars are great tools to impart FLAVOUR into any type of Cuisine! We infuse them with Flavour Agents, so that, when we are cooking, another Layer of Flavour will be built into the Flavour Castle we are constructing. Just like using Choice Ingredients, a good quality Fond, adding a variety of Herbs and Spices during the Preparation of Food, Flavoured Oils and Vinegars will add that extra Sparkle to any dish we are creating. We can use them for Cooking, Marinating, Basting, for Salad or Vegetable Dressings or as a little splash of Garnish to finish off a well bodied Soup or Dish.

You can use Olive Oil, Olive & Seed Oil Blends, Nut Oils, Avocado Oil, Grape Seed Oil or Sunflower Oil to make your own Flavoured Oils.

The Rule is to rather use a Nut or Seed Oil when the oil is refrigerated. Flavoured Oils containing fresh Herbs, Chilies, Garlic, or any Fresh Flavour Agents need to be kept in the refrigerator. Olive Oil does not refrigerate well and becomes unstable. Oils using Dried Spice and Dried Flavour Components can be stored in a cool dark pantry.

Enjoy making your own Herbaceous Creations – Et voila!

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