IsabellA’s Bobotie Spice Blend

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Bobotie is a Savoury “Sweet and Spicy Dish” of Dutch and Cape Malay Origin loved by South Africans. It is a Savoury Spiced Ground Beef Dish that is baked off in the oven with an Egg custard, served with Salsa, Peach Chutney, Stewed Yellow Cling Peaches, Banana Slices (sometimes also with Desiccated Coconut) and Yellow Turmeric Raisin Rice.

Roman Gourmand Marcus Gavius Apicius wrote a Collection of Roman Recipes called “De Re Coquinaria” that comprises of more than 400 recipes. He lived in the 1st century in the reign of Tiberius. Apicius mentioned a Savoury Ground Pork Dish, as well as an Asparagus Dish, baked with the famous “Egg Custard” (the French are so proud of!). He often used Egg Custards, the Roux, Herbs and Spices, Wine and Fruit in his cookery and loved to cook with “Raisin Wine” (and we thought our Sweet & Spicy flavours in South Africa came with the Dutch VOC! Just shows you…!)

Ingredients and Health Benefits:
4 Tbsp Indian Curry Spice, Medium Heat (Rajah)
2 Tbsp Garam Masala (*See Pronto Pesto Blog “Herbs & Spices Recipes” for a Basic Recipe)
2 Tbsp Turmeric (Natural Anti-inflammatory)
1 Tbsp Paprika (Natural Anti-inflammatory)
1 Tbsp Coriander Seed (Blood Sugar Lowering)
1t Yellow Mustard Seed (Natural Anti-biotic)
1t Cumin Seed (Anticancer fighting)
1t Dried Chili Flakes (Blood Circulator)
1t Cinnamon, Ground (Blood Circulator)
½ t Black Mustard Seed (Natural Anti-biotic)
½ t Dried Lemon Zest (Antimicrobial and Antifungal properties)
½ t Ginger, Ground ((Immune Boosting)
½ t Cardamom, Ground (Antioxidant and Blood pressure Lowering)
¼ t Mixed Spice (Cloves, Nutmeg & Cinnamon)
1 Bay Leaf (Contain Enzymes that aid in Protein Digestion)

1. Dry Toast the spice in a sauté pan while stirring all the time until it starts to smell nutty and discolours slightly. This will not take longer than 5 minutes.
2. Add the lemon Zest and Bay leaf to a glass jar.
3. Grind the toasted spices until fine and add to the glass jar.
4. Store in a cool, dark, dry place.
5. NB: Toasted Spices are more easily digested, more aromatic due to the caramelisation of the spices and have ample health benefits for the human body!

See pronto Pesto Blog for IsabellA’s Cape Malay Bobotie Recipe!

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