Rustique Chocolate Tiramisu Cape Ruby Gateau

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Buongiorno Fellow Foodthologists!

The Ultimate Light, Fluffy, Moist, Easy-to-Make, It’s-a-Keeper-of-a-Cake just arrived, and I am about to share it with YOU, yes You! This cake is so easy to make that a dwarf bunny rabbit can make this closed eye before breakfast just using his left paw! Try it, you will not be sorry!

Dry Ingredients:
500ml Cake Flour
180ml Cocoa, Good Quality
2t Baking Powder
2ml Himalayan Salt
Add Later to the Dry Ingredients:
500ml White Sugar, Granulated
2 Extra Large, Free Range Eggs, Room Temperature (Chef’s Tip: Sit them in Warm Water for 5 minutes)
250 ml Milk, Warmed Slightly
2 ml Vanilla Paste
Add Later to the Wet Ingredients:
125ml Sunflower Oil, Good Quality
Add Lastly to the Wet Ingredients:
200ml Strong Coffee (No Joke! It needs to say “Hello!”)
50ml Cape Ruby or Port

½ c Mascarpone Cheese
½ c Cream
1c Icing Sugar, Sifted
400g Melted Dark Chocolate
¾ c Butter, Softened
½ c Cocoa, Good Quality, Sifted
½ c Strong Coffee
2 ml Vanilla Paste
2 ml Himalayan Salt

Glaze and Basting:
2 Tbsp Apricot Glaze, Warmed with a dash of Cape Ruby or Port
½ c Strong Coffee
50 ml Cape Ruby or Port
2t Castor Sugar, Fine

1. Sift the Dry Ingredients. Whisk in the Sugar. Set Aside.
2. Beat the Milk and Eggs. Add the Oil and beat well.
3. Add the Coffee and Vanilla Paste.
4. Combine the Coffee and Cape Ruby or Port and add to the Wet Ingredients. Beat until Combined.
5. Add the Wet Ingredients to the Dry Ingredients and beat for 1 minute or until just combined.
6. Divide into two 22cm Prepared Tins and bake for 35minutes at 180 Degrees Celsius.
7. Cool.
8. Basting: Combine the Coffee, Port and Castor Sugar. Baste the Cake on the bottom and top of each layer.
9. Cover with Apricot Glaze on the bottom and top of each layer.
10. Beat the Mascarpone and add all the other ingredients. Beat until smooth.
11. Frost, dust with Cocoa and get a cuppa-Jo ready or Porto! Enjoy!

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