Green Sauces examples

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Green Sauces

Pesto, Chimichurri, Herb Oils, Mexican Salsa Verde and Guacamole, Mint Sauce, Moroccan Chermoula, Thai Dipping Sauce, Yemenite Zhoug, Indian Coriander Chutney, Texan Creamy Jalapeño Sauce etc.

These Sauces can be Served as Dipping Sauces, used in Food Items or be Served as an Accompaniment to a Meal. They all have Various Viscosities and are very different in Nature, e.g. a Thai Dipping Sauce could be quite Runny and Spicy, whereas a Guacamole is Thick and Creamy. One thing however is certain, and that is that the Style of each Sauce (Chunky, Thin and Runny, Spicy, Creamy etc.) should be honoured during the Production of each Sauce, as well as the Optimum Serving Temperature of the Sauce (Piping Hot, Room Temperature or Cold).

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