Straw Blond Roux Sauces with Fond!

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Straw Blond Roux Sauces with Fond (Fish, Crayfish, Veal or Chicken Fond Based) & Accompaniments :

Velouté Based:
Sauce Albufera (Sauce Sûprème + Red Pepper): Grilled Poultry & Fish

Sauce Allemande (Veal Velouté + Egg Yoks + Cream) (also used for Poulette or Aurora): Veal, Poultry, Fish

Sauce Aurore (Tomato Paste): Poultry, Fish and Boiled Eggs.

Sauce Ivoire (Add 2 Tbsp of Meat Glaze): Poultry

Sauce Champignon (Sweated Mushrooms): Boiled Chicken, Sweetbreads.

Sauce Ravigote (Dijon Mustard for a Warm Sauce, Vinaigrette for a Cold Sauce): Fillet of Beef or Salad.

Sauce Bercy (White Wine + Lemon Juice + Parsley + sauteed Shallots + Fish Based Fond): Fish, Poultry and Grilled Pork Cutlets.

Sauce Hungary Chicken or Veal Velouté + White Wine + Onions + Paprika): Sauteed Chicken.

Sauce Normand (Fish Fond + Egg Yolk + Butter + Cream): Seafood & Mussels.

Sauce Sûprème (Chicken Fond + Crème Fraiche or Reduced Cream + Lemon Juice): Grilled or Boiled Chicken.

Sauce Venetia (Fish Fumet + Tarragon Vinegar + White Wine + Shallots + Chervil + Herbs): Fish & Seafood.

Sauce Poullette (Chicken Stock Velouté + Allemande Base: Veal Velouté, Egg Yolk + Cream, Sauteed Mushrooms + Parsley + Lemon Juice): Fish & Poultry.

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