Yellow Sauce Examples

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Yellow Sauce Examples and Variations:

Crème Anglaise (Egg Custard with Milk/ Cream + Vanilla, Various Flavours) : Served with Dessert.
Crème Pâtissier (Baker’s Pastry Cream): Served as a Filling in Sweet Pastries and Dessert Items.
Crème Diplomat (Pastry Cream + Gelatine + Cold Butter + Whipped Cream): Enriched Filling.
Crème Mousseline (‘Buttercream’: Pastry Cream + Butter): Enriched Filling.
Sabayon (French Stable Dessert Egg Foam made with Champagne or Wine): Served as Dessert with Biscuits and Fruit.
Zabaglione (Italian Stable Dessert Egg Foam with Marsala/ Muscato traditionally served in a Coupe): Served with Strawberries, Blueberries or Peaches and Biscuits.
Curd (Fruit Creams): Served as a Sweet Sauce to Scones or as a Filling to a Dessert.

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